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Our Stage is Yours

Berlin’s multicultural creative community finds a home at 800A in Wedding, a vintage cocktail bar and performance space that celebrates the diversity of the Hauptstadt and the artistic variety of Cabaret.

We regularly host world-class performance and empower talented newcomers with stage time. We love art, burlesque, comedy, dance, drag, film, magic, music, poetry, theatre.

​We're always open to hosting new and varied performance, and we help people unleash their inner creativity through our CLASSES, whether Electronic Music, Acting or German Language.

So far, our community has hosted hundreds of amazing shows and artists like Queer Science Theatre, Extravagant Shambles Burlesque, ComedyShorts Improv and...

Queer Bedroom Pop

Sam Jay

Judah Friedlander

Lizzy and The Palm
Bye Beneco

Stripper Stories

Daniel Ryan-Spaulding

Drunk Classics

Peppe Voltarelli

The Richard P. Dick Van Johnson Show

And, and, and.

We're also one of the official hosts of the yearly


We come from all over the world, and we fight for our collective future by providing free meeting space and hosting fundraising evenings for activist groups like Mediterranea Saving Humans, Hydra e.V. and the Black Sex Workers' Collective.

Welcome to our little wild bouquet:

800A Bar & Cabaret.

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