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Launching our new German Classes in 800A Berlin!

Among our shows and our constant work in the Berlin entertainment scene, we in 800A Berlin are focusing on offering new opportunities for complementary education and better integration to all people new to Berlin, to all newcomers and internationals moving to the city every year. We work in that direction within our language courses, our acting courses and music courses. In that spirit, we are now officially launching our German courses from level A1 to B2 (from beginner to intermediate level).

If you are looking to become fluent in German, and you are tired of grey boring language school courses and all the bureaucracy around it, come join our community of German learners in a laid back atmosphere.

Take part in our 8-week German programme close to the city centre and with a skilled teacher - now is the time to become fluent in German! Read all the info and JOIN THE CLASS on our website! Please feel free to contact us for any question.


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